Simply Estated

A Simpler Way to Handle Your Estate

Simply Estated

A new kind of estate sale company.


Online Estate Sales

Simply Estated is focused on bringing your estate sale to a geographically wider audience by taking it online.  We spare you the aggravation of having a crowd of strangers in your home, weather worries, parking fiascoes, and more. We also handle the removal of items, shipping, sales, payment, etc., so we're there from beginning to end!

Traditional In Home Estate Sales

There are certainly times when in home estate sales are still preferred. Simply Estated does offer these traditional style sales, and we do it better than most we believe. But in additional to traditional marketing we have much more creative outreach and a very large network of buyers and dealers to ensure greater success for the estate owner.  

Off Site Estate Sales

Though much less common, Simply Estated can offer estate owners the ability to remove the contents of their home to an off site location for their estate sale. Movers will come in, remove everything you wish to sell to an off site location that will allow people to shop the sale at a more convenient location. Because of the added cost of movers and off site expenses this option is less cost effective than the online sales, and is only recommended when absolutely needed.

Buyouts, Consignments, and Auctions

Simply Estated is focused on providing estate owners the best opportunity to sell their items at the highest prices possible. In addition to online, offsite, and in home estate sales, we provide opportunities for auction or consignment. We also frequently find our clients need to be rid of the process right away, and in that case we can offer full estate buyouts.

Interested in consigning with us? Feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.


Errors and Omissions: Simply Estated reserves the right of protection under the laws of Errors and Omissions to protect themselves against pricing errors. It doesn't happen often, but we are only human and from time to time do make typographical errors. If this happens we will contact the customer immediately for full refund, or the right to purchase at correct pricing.